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When you work as a freelancer and/or own your own company, time is money. That’s why we combine the convenience of a simple online bookkeeping tool in English with old-fashioned customer friendliness of your personal Bookie, who speaks English as well.


Plan een afspraak met je boekhouder

It doesn’t matter where you are for this appointment: at your office, at home or in a bar. We’ll meet online at the agreed time via

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Maak kennis met je boekhouder voor freelancers

In Corona times we have all our appointments online. So not on the Oudegracht aan de Werf. (which means that at the water level below the street).

Only online


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If you have a subscription with The Bookie, your Bookie always has time for short questions. You can ask this via e-mail, during a Bookie Drink or by calling us.

If you need more time or do not have a subscription * with The Bookie, you can schedule a consultation. For example, because you are going to buy a house, want to discuss an investment, start a new legal form or cooperation or have a different financial issue. For this we like to make time in our agendas so that we can discuss your specific situation in peace. For this time we charge additional costs, namely € 95 ex VAT per hour.

Schedule a consult

In January, April, July and October we do not schedule consults due to VAT bustle.

* In January, April, July and October we do not schedule consults due to VAT bustle. Due to the attention we want to guarantee to our existing customers, there may be no room for consults for non-customers. For non-customers, a minimum of 1 hour invoiced applies.

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