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Meet The Bookie

When you work as a freelancer and/or own your own company, time is money. That’s why we combine the convenience of a simple online bookkeeping tool with old-fashioned customer friendliness of your personal Bookie.

The Bookie would like to introduce you to both.

  1. Create a free light account of The Bookie Webapp in advance
  2. Schedule a introductory meeting for free
    1. from your own office: online
    2. at our office: offline
1. Create a light account

meet your accountant that will help you with your bookkeeping

2a. appointment online

meet your accountant that will help you with your bookkeeping

2b. appointment offline

Meet with your Bookie

If you have a subscription with The Bookie, your personal Bookie will happily answer your brief questions. Just mail, call or ask them directly during a Bookie Drink.

If you don’t have a subscription with The Bookie or when you need more extensive time, just schedule a personal appointment. You might want to buy a house, want to discuss an investment, want to start a new legal form or have another financial question. We’ll gladly make some time in our calendars in order to discuss your situation in peace. We charge € 70 ex btw per hour for this time.

3. Schedule a consult