Get your bookie started income tax return 2019

It is that time of the year: time for your annual financial report and Income Tax Return (IB in Dutch). Have you been a The Bookie customer for a long time? Then you have done this before. New as Bookie Boss? In this post we will briefly (TL; DR) and elaborately explain our process of the income tax return. Everything runs through The Bookie Webapp: no list, no glory!

Did you not have a subscription in 2019 or did you work in another program then The Bookie Webapp? Then we make your declaration based on our hourly rate *. You can still easily provide the required information via a free Bookie Beperkt account of The Bookie Webapp.

TooLong; Didn't Read

This IB 2019 post summarized in 3 points:
  1. Complete the questionnaire 2. Send us a picture of the authorizations 3. We will ask for postponement Income Tax 2019 Button

Step 1 - provide information

As soon as you have supplied your information completely via the IB checklist in The Bookie Webapp, we can prepare your annual reports. This list can be found under Income Tax button on the upper right on your Dashboard. We need some time for this. However, the sooner you deliver everything, the sooner we send the draft version of your declaration. After you have approved this, we will submit your declaration. **

Read the explanation above before you start, to avoid uncertainty during the checklist.

Please note: there are a number of things that you (generally) only receive at the end of February. Only when all documents are complete can we prepare your annual reports.

This includes:

  • the annual statement (if you or your partner were / are employed)
  • annual financial overview of your bank (business, savings and children)
  • the annual statement of your mortgage and related matters
  • your overview of your disability insurance 
2. Plan an IB phone call

Step 2 - 1st check by your Bookie team

We'll call you to check if we have everything. Choose a time yourself? Schedule fifteen minutes with your Bookies (do this only after you've supplied the most!)

3. Send us your authorizations

Step 3 - share your permissions

Just like our colleagues, we apply for authorizations and postponement from the Tax Authorities (provided that all your personal details and possibly your partner are in The Webapp). The VIA gives us access to the information that is known to the Tax Authorities. The postponement gives us at least until 1 September 2020. This prevents a fine and a high income tax assessment. If you previously submitted all your declarations in time, your deferment will be extended until 1 May 2021. However, you cannot assume this, so do not wait too long. In March / April you will receive the VIA and SBA authorization that we have requested. Please take a picture and send this to us by mail. Did you not receive anything in mid-April? Please contact us.

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