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Are you a freelancer in The Netherlands and haven’t you done your 2020 Income Tax Return yet? At The Bookie we help a lot of expat clients to complete the financial year 2020. For a fixed fee of €600 will take care of it. Any additional costs? Fill in the quotation below to see what you will pay.

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What do your Bookies do?

  • We check your administration of 2020

  • We check your VAT return and correct these, if necessary. 

  • We provide your annual financial report of your company.

  • We make sure your income tax return is taken care of. 

Requirements fixed fee

  • Sole proprietorship without staff (providing services. Web shops only at less than 25% of turnover)

  • Max. revenue €150.000 and/or 300 transactions

Bookie: contact me

    All prices and other information provided with this quotation are stated as accurately as possible. It is of course possible that the situation deviates from what is stated above. That is why we go through your application by telephone to ensure that our quotation is in line with your personal situation. The quotation is therefore binding as soon as it has been explicitly confirmed by mail by The Bookie.

    Switch deal for 2021, worth €150

    Do you think: this sounds awesome, can I still become a customer for 2021? Yes, that’s possible.

    If you activate a paid subscription for 2021 now, we will arrange the switch for you free of charge! We’ll ensure that transfer your entire administration in our handy online accounting tool.

    See the offer

    Questions? Ask Aleida

    She can answer all your questions about how the switch is going, the conditions of your subscription, the skills of your future accountant and the best 80s hits.

    Schedule a free, online introductory meeting with a Bookie or call 030 2072077.

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    If you are ith The Bookie, we will take care of your entire bookkeeping: from your high-tech administrative overview and involved accountants to the tax authorities and those annoying declarations.

    This way you don’t have to arrange online software and a separate bookkeeper. We make sure that everything is fixed.

    Your online tool

    Send invoices, upload expenses and your administration in one place.

    Your personal Bookies

    Your accountants check your administration and file your taxes.

    Btw-aangifte Inkomstenbelasting Aangifte Jaarcijfers door Boekhouders

    De Belastingdienst

    Everytime the Tax Authorities require something, we’ll fix it.


    Since 2015 we’ve been helping coaches, developers, dancers, contractors and a lot of expats with their administration, tax declarations and fiscal advise.

    The Bookie answered all my doubts and questions (I learned a few things!) and they did it all in English.

    Natália Leal, Coach and trainer

    The Bookie has helped me so much in getting all my taxes sorted. They’re super responsive and their tool is very easy to use.
    Would definitely recommend to any self employed entrepreneur!

    Shari Klein, Voice Actor

    Explaining complicated things in such a way that even I understand them.
    Always available, good system and not expensive.

    Frequently Askes Questions

    How much does it costs to file my income tax return?2021-08-11T07:21:58+00:00

    If you want us to also do your income tax return from the previous financial year, for example 2020, there are two options, depending on your wishes:

    1. Quotation: fixed fee – View your quotation here: Combine this with the Switch Deal: this way we’ll transfer your 2020 administration to our accounting program, The Bookie Webapp, free of charge.
    2. No quotation: hourly invoice – Do you want dump your entire (paper) administration with us? In that case, we’ll collect the data we need. We will then submit your declaration on an hourly invoice (at €75 ex VAT per hour). You will receive a specified invoice afterwards. Unfortunately, we cannot make an estimate in advance of the costs for preparing annual accounts and the Income Tax Return. Keep in mind that this can turn out to be more expensive than an fixed annual rate: for this return we still have to check your entire administration, correct errors in previous returns, prepare annual figures and file the income tax return including your personal situation.
    Can I try/use your accounting program for free?2021-08-11T07:07:15+00:00

    Within our subscription you keep your administration in The Bookie Webapp. Of course we understand that you want to try before you buy. That is why you can easily create a free version of our accounting program and try all the features to your heart’s content. You use most of them free of charge, such as sending invoices, processing expenses and statements. Go to and choose Bookie Basis.

    Do you want us as your accountants? Then you convert your Bookie Basis with 1 press on the Upgrade button and an iDeal payment to a subscription.

    I want to2021-03-16T18:31:59+00:00

    Depending on your wishes, there are two options:

    1. If you want us to file your Income tax return for 2020, you can give us the login for your accounting program (for example Gekko, E-Boekhouding, Moneybird, Moneymonk or Exact). Then we collect the data we need to draw up your annual figures. This service based on our hourly rate of € 75 ex VAT.
    2. Do you prefer a fixed rate? Then we would like to have your administration in our system, The Bookie Webapp. We convert your administration free of charge, if possible. You then pay a subscription price in line with your turnover in 2020. To use this, your administration must meet a number of conditions. Call us for more info.
    Can you process my expenses so I spend less time on my administration?2021-07-30T16:45:30+00:00

    Yes, with the Plus modules you can also choose to leave the booking of expenses to us. This means that you only send invoices and upload photos of receipts / PDFs and we take over your administration from there. Minimal work and maximum insight. Do you want to make use of this? Then choose a Bookie plus module in addition to your subscription.

    Within the standard subscription you enter expenses yourself and the standard activities are, as described.

    Why is The Bookie so cheap?2021-03-16T15:46:13+00:00

    The Bookie understands that you would rather not spend money on things that you can very well do yourself, but still want help with things that you have less knowledge of. That is precisely why The Bookie has developed a standard all-in package that always takes care of your basic Dutch tax affairs. Because you work in our own system, you register your income and expenses in a way that we can easily check. And do you want more? Then you simply upgrade your subscription or book extra advice for work!

    Sounds like a Win-win, right?

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