A Bookie Bazen scoop!

Now that you’ve pressed the Updated button and are casually waiting on your VAT return, we want to tell you about our new and awesome features. A more extensive email about these updates will follow in August.

The Bookie subscription invoices automatically in your expenses overview – starting from July

We’ve heard your wish and after a lot of research and review work, the time has come: you never have to manually enter the invoice for your subscription payment in The Bookie Webapp again. As of July, you will not only find the invoices under Subscription, but they will automatically be included to your expenses. So no more 12 separate down and uploads, but an extra 12 minutes of your life back per year. Maybe use them to give our developers Gijs and Nicolas a shout out? *wink

Messages (Notifications) – from today

We’re working on a more extensive Bookie Messaging system. Step 1 has just been pushed. From now on you will get:
  • messages as reminders for VAT deadlines: not only by email, but also visible in the app itself
  • messages that announce the debit of your subscription by email and in app, and also if a debit was unsuccessful or reversed. In that case; no worries! Just go to the Subscription Tab in your webapp and use the iDeal link to pay that months fee
  • a message when your client paid the invoice you sent if you’ve added a Mollie link. You’ll get an email and a message in the app. Not using an iDeal link yet? WHY NOT? If you use the link, people usually pay faster but also the payment is then automatically registered. Read more here: https://app.thebookie.nl/en/help/article/iDeal-payment-of-invoice-sent-from-The-Bookie-Webapp/
  • You can find the settings for your automated messages (what, how and how often) under your name at the top right.

VAT Declaration: per quarter, per year or not at all

Do you get reminders for VAT returns when you are exempt from filing them? Then take a look at your Administration Settings under Other Company Details for your VAT settings:
  • Is the box checked that you are liable for VAT, but you’re not? Uncheck it.
  • Does the VAT period show that you file a tax return every quarter, but it’s not? Adjust this.