The Bookie Borrel aka Drinks

In addition to the comforts of our accounting program, we place a high value on our personal customer contact at The Bookie. That’s why your Bookies organize drinks every tax period so that Bosses (Bazen, in Dutch) and Bookies can talk, spar and fantasize about their company in peace and quiet.

The returning drinks from The Bookie are not only notorious, but especially helpful. Because every period we join forces as entrepreneurs. For example, we give you the possibility to enter update your administration here at the office together with your fellow Bosses, answer questions, prepare your administration for the VAT declaration and toast the quarterly victory with a drink!

Accounting from 2 pm to 5 pm

Didn’t you update your administration yet, do you have questions, are you stuck or do you believe in the power of shared responsibility? Update your period at The Bookie. It gives you the possibility to enter receipts (together) , update your administration in The Bookie App, ask your questions live and take a look at your business expenses.

Drinks from 5 pm to 7 pm

Victories should be celebrated. That is why you are most welcome to have a drink in order to let your VAT stress slip away from you. We are extremely proud of our crazy entrepreneurs who we would like to put in touch with each other. In addition to having fun, a good drink will often give you enough new work or cooperation partners!

Reasons to come to a Borrel Borrel

  • a fixed moment every period to update your administration

  • time to ask questions

  • brainstorming about the endless possibilities of your business with other Bookie Bosses

  • have a drink along the historical canal of Utrecht

  • real-life flirting with your Bookie instead of online

So the drinks in 2019 on:

  • Thursday January 3rd

  • Thursday April 4th

  • Thursday July 4th  (or as we say Interdepence Day)

  • Thursday October 3rd

See you the first Thursday of the quarter!

Yes, I’ll come a Bookie Borrel!

P.S. Do you want to bring someone who is not yet a customer at The Bookie or are you interested in becoming a customer? Come along or take someone with you.