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It’s officially full on summer, but starting Wednesday the sun will really show itself in all its glory if all goes well. Finally time to go to the beach and/or chill outside! 

Do you want us to do your 2020 income tax return on time and haven’t you completed the questionnaire in The Bookie Webapp yet? Then please take a moment this week to complete it. 

This is the only way to put us to work to prepare your 2020 income tax return and submit it to the tax authorities. In any case, do this before 31 October.

Questionnaire 2020

* You can do this even if you didn’t have a subscription in 2020: the work will be completed based on our hourly rate. Has your tax return already been done? Then this reminder is one of those ‘better safe than sorry’ reminders. In either case, please contact Aleida at

Deadline: October 31, 2021

Haven’t filled out the questionnaire yet? Don’t panic. You still have until October 31, 2021.
If you send in the list after that, then we will charge 25% extra, as we will schedule extra time to process your return on time.

Paying taxes? Interest, postponement of filing or provisional tax return


Are you afraid that you will have to pay a lot and that’s why you don’t want to file your tax return yet? Bear in mind that there are also other possibilities for dealing with this. Please feel free to contact us and we will go through the possibilities with you.


Keep in mind that tax interest is charged on assessments issued after July 1. Would you like to pay less now and/or next year? Consider making a provisional declaration. You can do this yourself or we can do it with you. Read more.