As a non-Dutch speaker doing your taxes is a real hassle. The authorities communicate in Dutch. As you know, we take your feedback really serious. That’s why we’re constantly improving and expanding the functionality of The Bookie Webapp. One thing has been on our wishlist for a long time and that was creating an English version. It literally took blood, sweat and tears as we had to translate every single word manually (at least 6000 words), test everything endlessly, but we did it: The Bookie Webapp can now be used by English speakers and Bookie Bazen that prefer an invoice in English as well. So, open your app, play with it (without Google translate this time) and off you go!

NB If you have any English speakers amongst your contacts that have no clue how to do their Dutch bookkeeping, please let them that your Bookie now has an understandable bookkeeping program. Thank you, on behalf of both of us!

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