The sun is almost out

Liberalizations (also in the cultural sector), new features, happy Bookies and an extra reminder for the income tax return* (if we haven’t already done so): what more could we want?

Of course: never having to process your expenses again. Just photograph them, e-mail them to us and that’s it. Did you know we can do that for you within the Plus subscription?

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*We’d love to file your Income Tax Return even if you didn’t have a subscription in 2020 or are not yet a customer. In that case contact Aleida at 030 2072077 or via

New features and extras in combination with a Plus subscription until July 1st

Since January we have launched a whole bunch of new features and a  whole new look. Some features come with all subscriptions. Others like the Bookie Inbox and Quotations can be tried until July 1st and after that can only be used in combination with a Plus subscription.

Dashboard Tasks: Income Tax Reminder 

On your Dashboard you can see if your Income Tax Return has already been filed by us. The email of February 14th contains all the in’s & out’s. If you complete the IB 2020 questionnaire now then next week, when the sun comes out, you can sit and relax while grabbing a drink at your favourite café.

Go to the IB (income tax) 2020 questionnaire

Interest on Income Tax (underpayment interest)

Would you kindly pay € 700 in tax interest to Fred Fiscus aka the Tax Authority? Would you have opened that € 699 bottle of champagne if you had known about this? And why is tax interest charged? Tim explains it all and especially how to pay less.

Verlaag mijn rente! (Dutch)


A good solution for self-employed people who want to remain flexible but also enjoy maximum returns and tax benefits.

Discount for our Bookie Network

Customers of The Bookie receive a €50 discount on their first BrightPensioen membership invoice.

I want a discount! (Dutch)


BrightPensioen Webinar

Webinar especially for the Bookie Network

Bright Pensioen Webinar Pensioen voor ZZP

Bright is hosting a webinar (Dutch) especially for the Bookie Network. Sign up for the webinar on June 8, 2021 om 3:00 pm.

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Since we regularly let our bookkeepers shine on our digital stage, you probably know their faces. But do you know the people behind the scenes as well? Read more about these Bookies.