After the year has ended it’s time to draw up your financial annual reports and file your income tax return / tax declaration for your business. If you’re already a Bookie Baas (customer at The Bookie) we use your four btw aangiftes (VAT tax returns), so make sure you update your 4th and mark it as ‘Updated’ by clicking Bijgewerkt in The Bookie Webapp.


When drawing up your reports we need additional information, because an income tax return concerns your personal situation too.  That’s why we need your bank statements, possible annual statements and other documents.

To provide us with this information you can start a form in The Bookie Webapp by clicking “Start aangifte inkomstenbelasting” , so we make sure that we won’t forget anything.

This shows us a complete picture of your financial situation with regard to your income tax. By clicking + you start a new return and by selecting the year you’ll find the right form. Even when you joined us this year, you still have this possibility to have us file you tax income for the previous year. Just select the proper year and make sure you update your Bookie (so we will ask for the extension).

Correction possibilities

It could be that at the end of the year, while drawing up your reports, we’ll have to correct earlier returns that we, you or your former accountant filed. This might concern situations where not all costs were filed or you payed too much or little btw (VAT).  As your official tax consultant we may adjust your previous returns by means of a supplementation.

(partial) employment

If you have previously been employed or are partially employed, it might be helpful to have a bookkeeper help you. The tax rules for entrepreneurs differ in a number of aspects from the regulation for employees. As an employee, you pay tax on your salary and your declaration in most cases is already filled completely in advance. As an entrepreneur, you pay tax on your profits. However, since your annual income is not fixed in advance, your total picture often varies and the different tax benefits offer more possibilities.



Reminder Deadline Belastingdienst

May 1st and extension

The deadline for filing the income tax return is May 1st. As you might understand, it is impossible to file the returns for all our customers before that date. That’s why we ask for extension with the Dutch tax authorities. It does apply, however, whoever first completes the form and provides his documents first, will be the first to be . In any case, we try to draw up all declarations within 3 months after completing the form.


If you happen to need your annual report sooner than our three month estimation, please do contact us. We’ll do our best to find a better deadline and will charge a 25% rush rate.


Become our customer as a partners

Your partner is welcome to become our customer: being an entrepreneur, as well as employed. We’ll make both your annual reports and will file both your tax returns. Do you need your (partners) tax returns filed? Please let us know, before April 30. That gives us the possibility to ask for an extension.

Become a Bookie Baas

I’m reading this and it all sounds too good to be true. Is it still possible for me to have you do my tax returns? For sure: if a partner can join us all year long, so can you. Moreover, we’ll happily have you as our new Bookie Baas. Register directly as a customer or plan an appointment.