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How do I make sure I don’t pay too much tax?

You’ve worked hard and now you expect your profit to be high. That sounds good. But you also know that you pay income tax on your profit. So the higher your profit, the more tax you pay. Fortunately, you have us as an accountant and we think along with you. Because most entrepreneurs prefer to keep as much in their pocket as possible.

By keeping a good record of your administration in The Bookie Webapp (or another program), we can keep a good overview of your finances together with you and we can help you think about the possibilities that de Belastingdienst aka the Tax and Customs Administration offers you to lower that amount. In addition to your subscription, you can always contact your Bookies for a consultation or additional work.

You don’t understand Dutch taxes at all and you would like to understand it, but foremost: you want things and taxes to be dealt with properly? Just schedule a free introduction meeting with us. Maybe you will like us so much, that you will never leave.

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