Some of you might have found the 2018 button in The Bookie Webapp and if you’ve been working with us in 2018, you might have done this before. For new Bookie Bosses with a subscription for 2018 : in The Bookie Webapp you’ll find a button ‘Start income tax return’ in the upper right. This is where you’ll find the checklist we ask you to follow in order to provide us with necessary information.

Even when we work for you on a hour rate, you can use the checklist. That’s why we ask all new customers to create a light account in The Bookie Webapp, even in you worked in another bookkeeping program.

After you delivered the additional information, we’ll make your annual reports. We try to send a concept version of this report within three months after your file is completed. After your approval we will do your income tax return.

Did you get stuck while filling in the Income Tax Checklist? Just schedule 15 minutes with your Bookie. (Please do follow the entire checklist befòre you do so)

Did you receive your authorizations by De Belastingdienst? Send them to your Bookie!