The second quarter is almost over, so this Friday, July 3rd, is time for the Bookie Borrel again. We love to see your eagerness to tidy your administration live here at the office. As there is nothing as exciting and sexy as an entrepreneur, who’s on top of things and a self-employed person who asks for help with things he is not good at. But the big C still throws a spanner in the works and we want your accountants to do their work well in the office with as much space as possible.

That means that the Bookie Borrel won’t be live at the office, but live online this quarter. So don’t worry, you can go online all day for workshops and questions. Some meetings are public and freely accessible. Other meetings are private especially for Bookie customers. And that drink, we’ll serve it sooner than you think. At our new location, because from October we will be working at a new awesome place. You will hear more about that soon.

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