Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands usually file a quarterly VAT return. When you’re a Bookie Boss, we do that for you.

In order to do so we need the right information concerning your income and expenses. As The Bookie Webapp is in English now probably you’ll get most of it sorted. But specific situations might ask for an extra pair of eyes or the expertise of your Bookie. That’s why we organize a Bookie Borrel every three months, during the declaration month.

14 to 17 o’clock: Questions and Answers

Just before the deadline of the 8th (when we ask you to process in your updated administration) we, Bookie, will be at your disposal an entire afternoon. During these hours you can sit down with your Bookie or another one, if you fancy, and ask all the questions you have concerning the VAT return. Which costs are business related? How do I deal with foreign VAT tax rates? How do I register invoices outside the EU? Just sum up your questions and bring your notebook. We’ll be happy to help you.

17 to 19 o’clock: Drinks and Chats

Victories should be celebrating, no matter how small or frequent. That’s why we want to cheer to the fact that you updated your administration in time, so we can do your tax return. Both when you already did it yourself ánd when you updated it at The Bookie! So come on over, join us for a drink during the Bookie Borrel at 17 o’clock and meet your fellow Bookie Bosses (Bookie Bazen).

Dates: VAT Tax Return, Bookie Borrel and


Q3 – third period 2018: Wednesday October 3rd 2018 (please confirm your attendance here: Bookie Borrel Q3)

Q4 – fourth period 2018: January 2018


Q1 – first period 2019: April 2019

Q2 – second period 2019: July 2019

Q3 – third period 2019: October 2019

Q4 – fourth period 2019: January 2019