Manual for customers

You’re a customer at The Bookie. How does that work?

Working with The Bookie means you have an all-in package. We will provide your VAT Tax Returns, your annual report and Income Tax Return. As long as you keep your incomes and expenses up to date, we’ll help you in your contact with De Belastingdienst (the Dutch tax authorities) with regard to these fields of your company to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. We’ll provide the necessary reports and declarations. For short questions you can check our Support page, mail or call your Bookie.

If you need more detailed advice or want to talk to us more often or about other financial questions, we can choose to schedule a longer paid consultation. Costs are € 70 ex btw (Dutch VAT) per hour.

The Bookie Webapp

Login The Bookie Webapp

You send your invoices and keep your expenses updated in The Bookie’s webapp. Before you start working enthusiastically please follow the ‘tour’ to get an idea of the various options. Then update the details of your company (top left). To read where and how you update your settings: click here.

Please log in on the upper right of the website.

Bookie Bonnen (Bookie Receipts): an app for pictures of your expenses

Never lose a receipt. With Bookie Bonnen you add pictures of your receipts to your business expenses in The Bookie Webapp in no-time.

Read how the app works. 

Do you want to know more about various types of expenses? Please read this guide.

VAT return

Like most zzp’ers (freelancers in the Netherlands) you’ll have to do your vat tax returns every three months. This is called ‘aangifte omzetbelasting’ and concerns your btw. Being a Bookie customer means that you won’t have to do that yourself, but your personal Bookie will do that for you. We do expect you to update your bookkeeping regularly and in time for us to check everything. Towards the end of the three month term you’ll receive a reminder to do so. Please update all your invoices and expenses before the 8th of the first month of the new term (April, July, October and January).  This gives us enough time to check your bookkeeping and to do your taxes before the deadline of De Belastingdienst. 

Please press “Process” on the Dashboard in the Webapp as soon as you’re done and the button appears. That’s our clue to check and correct everything before we do your taxes. When needed, we’ll send you feedback or tips about preventing errors in the future after we checked everything and did your tax returns.

Annual reports and income tax return

At the end of the year we will make (a draft of) your annual report and will do your income tax return. To do this we need additional information. This includes your bank statements, annual statements or other documents. You deliver this with the button  “Start income tax return”. Using this checklist makes sure that we won’t forget anything. It will give us a complete picture of the situation.

De Belastingdienst: postponement and permissions

We aim to send you a draft of your annual reports within three months after you filled in the ‘start aangifte’-form and sent us every document we need (there’s a checklist and everything can be uploaded in The Bookie Webapp). Only after you agreed, we’ll hand in the income tax return. 

As you might understand it is impossible to finish all the tax returns before May 1st. Luckily De Belastingdienst gives us the possibility to postpone the returns. However, who fills out the form and delivers his documents first, will be the first to turn. In order to submit your return, we request an authorization that you have to forward to us. We’ll always keep you informed when we expect something from you, but of course your own attention is also recommended!


Costs for the all-in package in 2018 are  € 480,- excl. btw (VAT) per calendar year, with a revenue up to € 60.000. This covers your entire administration ánd you will know exactly where you stand! If you are a customer from the first quarter, you will receive an invoice every month for € 40 excluding VAT. This is partly an advance payment on the annual accounts and income tax return that will be made after the end of the year. If you become a customer later in the year, you will receive an invoice for the remainder at the end of the year.

At The Bookie we have three subscriptions. Does your turnover turn out different than expected? Then easily convert your subscription to higher or lower rate in The Bookie Webapp under ‘Account’.

The subscription fee is based on an entrepreneur gaining income and owning property in The Netherlands. If your administration and tax return requires special forms to be filed at Belastingdienst (regarding foreign property or income, heritage, migration, partners) extra costs can be charged.

How much does a bookkeeper cost? Adapt your costs to your income. 

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