We fix it: your administrative overview, your returns, the tax authorities. Everything that stresses you out or gives you a headache.
For a fixed amount per year you get a personal accounting team and a handy software.

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The Bookie answered all my doubts and questions (I learned a few things!)
And they did it all in English.

Natália Leal, Coach and trainer

Really great service.
Good rates!

Fleur van Bockel, Text writer and copywriter

The app makes it so easy and my Bookie has a lot of patience
to explain the ins and outs in English! 

Gemma Carter, Producer

They explain complicated things so even I understand them. Always available for questions, a well-functioning system, not expensive.


Your Bookies fix it

The Bookie is not one bookkeeper, your Bookies form a team. Good for you, because that means we are always there for you and you will be helped quickly.

Because together we’re up to all fiscal challenges, you can contact us with all administrative, accounting and tax questions.

Meet your Bookies
Boekhouder Tim
Boekhouder Jessica Willemse
Boekhouder Simon
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Eigenaar Developer Gijs Rietveldt

English bookkeeping tool with app

  • Your administration is neat in less steps

  • Gain insight into your administration with our fun program, with all conveniences

  • (become) Thorough and punctual

  • Stay in charge while we handle matters with the Tax Authorities

How we work


Whether you are a dancer, contractor, lawyer, interim, web builder or something else.
Whether you call yourself a freelancer, sole proprietorship or self-employed person or have a private company or partnership (B.V. VOF in Dutch).
We do your accounting and are always very honest about the costs.

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We’d love to help you with that.
Even if you were not yet a customer of The Bookie.

Want to become a Bookie customer for 2023? Then you will receive our Switch deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the Bookie with a ltd (limited) or B.V., as we say in Dutch?2021-12-14T17:33:35+00:00

Yes, that’s possible. We also have subscriptions for B.V.’s. Schedule an introductory meeting to hear about the options and receive a quotation.

Can I send invoice in English?2021-03-16T18:01:26+00:00

Yes, that’s possible. Our entire software can be used in English. To send your invoices in English, you can change the language to English at Account (top right under your name). Remember to also customize your accompanying email as soon as you send your invoice to an English-speaking customer.

Can you help me with a migration income tax return (f.i M-Form)?2021-11-17T14:47:32+00:00

We’d love to. If you moved to the Netherlands (and paid taxes in your former home country), you are required to file a migration tax return form, which we call the M-form.

The Dutch Authorities (De Belastingdienst) need your information and with the M-form you can provide that to them. In a lot of cases expats will receive a tax refund because they didn’t live in the Netherlands for the whole year and therefore paid too much income tax.

The M-Form is not part of your regular subscription, but we’d happily help you. Our rate is € 85 ex VAT per hour.

Is The Bookie suitable for non-Dutch speakers?2021-01-11T19:32:48+00:00

Yes, it is. Both our program as our accountants are particularly suitable for non-Dutchies. A great deal of our clientele has origins abroad. That’s why most of our accountants are fluent in English and we designed an English version of our bookkeeping software.

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