(Travel) expenses on your invoice2019-01-16T17:27:02+00:00

If you place (travel) expenses on your invoice, you also charge this with the highest VAT rate on the invoice. So, if you invoice for an assignment with two services that are charged with 9% (formerly 6%) and 21%, you will charge the (travel) expenses by 21%.

If you put travel costs on the invoice where VAT is on, such as a train ride, you first deduct the 9% tax from these costs before you put them on the invoice. You may not deduct the VAT as input tax from expenses such as food and drink. You will incur these costs including VAT.

What are business costs?2019-01-16T17:25:02+00:00

According to the tax auhorities, you may deduct business expenses from your profits. “Business costs are therefore the costs that are necessary within the reasonable limits for the exercise of your business and the costs directly related to your business.”

Business costs

A number of costs are clearly business-like. This concerns, for example, your registration with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce), the rent of a workspace, materials, payemnets of work by fellow freelancers (also: work by third parties) and marketing costs for your company. In addition to regular costs, there are also investments.

Partly business-like and partly private

In these situations, only the business part is deductible from your profits. With travel costs it’s important that you only enter the trips that are for business, since we can’ t estimate that.

We apply private corrections, for example on mobile phone costs or lunch and dinner costs, over the end of the year. That means you enter the entire invoice amount.

Business or private?

Some costs can be both business and private. This is often debatable. Where for one entrepreneur a museum year card is inconceivable, it could be an explainable expense for an art historian.

When considering whether something is businesslike or not, try to view the situation from the perspective of the tax inspector.

Type of expenses

Travel and transport

  • Do you drive business or private?
    • Business car: Do you have a car registered on your business? Then you may include all receipts and costs in your administration. Even if you have driven privately. You will pay the additional tax based on a closed mileage administration, you will determine which part of your car needs to be corrected. Even when you rent a car or van for business purposes, you may include all receipts and invoices in your administration. Whether it is wise to own the car for business purposes, is up to you. Of course you can consult your own Bookie. Please note that you make the choice to drive business or private as soon as you purchase the car.
    • Private car: 19 cents per kilometer. If you drive your private car for business purposes, you can deduct € 0.19 per kilometer.
  • Public Transportation
    • Tickets for train, tram, busses and taxi are deductible, when the transport was for business means. Public transportation can be added to your expenses by exporting your trips from je mijnns.nl and adding them to your Bookie App Don’t forget to remove your personal trips.

Communication and marketing

  • Design logo
  •  Phonecosts
    • download your invoice and make sure it has btw (VAT)
  • Internetcosts
  • Website
  • Promotioncosts on Social Media
  • Business cards, stickers, cards and prints

Subscriptions and contracts

For recurring, fixed and/or monthly costs you generally do not always receive an invoice. That does not mean that you can not include them in your expenses. In The Bookie Webapp you add the costs, but you do not have to add an invoice or receipt if you do not have one (only in the case of subscriptions.

  • studio or office rental
    • depending on the agreements with your landlord, your rent is taxed or not. So check if your rent is exempted from VAT or taxed with 21% btw (VAT).
  • insurances
    • this includes your professional and business liability insurance. These costs are exempted from btw (VAT).
  • bank charges
    • your bank also charges costs. You can find these on your printout, every three months or year. There is also no btw on these costs.
  • Programs like Adobe
    • Please note that the VAT has often been shifted. You can indicate this in your expenses (uitgave) under btw verlegging


Knowledge: further training and schooling

Even if you are an entrepreneur you’ll always have to develop. The expenses must be relevant though for your industry and to broaden your knowledge.

  • Courses, training courses, seminars and workshops
    • costs for new knowledge (in another field) are considered private costs. These costs may be included in the income tax return as educational expenses.
  • Professional literature
    • If you still have a question about your (possible) business costs, please contact your Bookie.
When is a business expense an investment?2019-01-16T17:24:01+00:00

Do you buy a business asset that costs less than € 450? Then you can deduct the amount in 1 time as costs. Does it cost more? Then it’s an investment.

The purchase costs (excluding VAT) are:

  • The purchase price
  • The purchase costs (such as notary fees for the purchase of real estate)
  • The installation costs and costs to make a product operational

Several small investment scan also together forms 1 business asset. The tax authorities give as an example:

For example, if you buy a computer for your company of € 350 with a screen of € 150, a computer mouse of € 15 and a keyboard of € 25, this together forms 1 asset of € 540. This may be important for the investment arrangements.

If you invest in assets in a year, then you can qualify for the KIA, also called the kleinschaligheidsinvesteringsaftrek (small-scale investment tax deduction). The assets in which you invest must then qualify for investment deduction.

How do I add an invoice I already sent?2018-10-10T09:58:06+00:00
By clicking on Invoice you ‘create’ a new invoice and by selecting ‘Invoice sent’ you can upload the sent attachment.
Just fill in the major information and you’ve added your invoice.

How do I send an invoice with a different currency?2018-06-26T12:54:19+00:00

When you need to send an invoice with a different currency than €, you send it manually and later upload it in The Bookie Webapp.

Make an adjusted invoice (£/$)

You can use your own template to make an invoice or use the template below. In this template you can easily adjust the currency in Word or Pages.

Invoice template The Bookie.docx

Invoice template The Bookie.pages

Upload invoice

Once you send the invoice to your partner, simply upload it in your administration.

  1. Click on the button
  2. Select the option ‘Invoice already sent’
  3. Upload your invoice
  4. Fill in the necessary information
    1. Date
    2. Contact
    3. BTW verlegd (VAT Re)
  5. After the payment is made, you register the equivalent in euro’s in your administration.






Can I see and try The Bookie App before becoming a customer?2018-04-17T11:43:01+00:00

Boekhoudprogramma The Bookie App gratis testenOf course. You can create a light account through this link.

This enables you to see the general look and feel of the app and to create and send your invoices. Door de rondleiding van het programma te volgen krijg je een overzicht van alle functionaliteiten.

Do you want to become our customer? Just change you account into a paid account under ‘Account’ (right side above) and then ‘Wijzig Abonnement’ (Change Subscription). By paying your first month with Mollie you allow us to automatically charge you for the coming months. At the end of the year you receive an invoice for the lacking months of the year.

Settings in The Bookie Webapp – Administration and Invoice2018-04-17T11:36:45+00:00

Once you have your own account in The Bookie Webapp, you can start personalizing your settings.

There are three main setting area’s:

 1. Account Settings – These can be found under your account in the right upper corner. This concerns you as a person and includes:

Voornaam First Name
Achternaam Last Name
Geboortedatum Date of Birth
BSN (BurgerServiceNummer) BSN (Citizen Service Number)
Telefoonnummer Phone number
Straat / Nummer / Toevoeging / Postcode Street / Number / Addition / Postal Code
Heb je een fiscaal partner?  Do you have a tax partner?


 2. Administratie Instellingen (Administration Settings) – These can be found when clicking your company name under your logo, in the upper left corner. This concerns information about your company.

Btw-nummer VAT Number
Kvk-nummer Chamber of Commerce number
Kvk registratiedatum Date of Registration
Activiteiten van de onderneming Activities of the company
Bedrijfsvorm  Type Business (keep eenmanszaak unless you talked about this)


3. Factuur Instellingen (Invoice Settings) – These can be found when clicking your company name under your administration settings, in the upper left corner. This concerns information about your company.

Betalingstermijn (in dagen) Payment term (in days)
Klant is wanbetaler vanaf hoeveel dagen? Customer is defaulter from how many days?
Ik verzoek u vriendelijk het bovenstaande bedrag voor de vervaldatum te voldoen op bankrekeningnummer {REKENINGNUMMER} t.n.v. {REKENING_TENAAMSTELLING} en onder vermelding van het factuurnummer. Voor vragen kunt u contact met mij opnemen via het e-mailadres {EMAIL}. I kindly request you to pay the above amount before the due date on bank account number {ACCOUNT NUMBER}. {INVOICE_TENAAMSTELLING} and stating the invoice number. For questions you can contact me via the e-mail address {EMAIL}.
Inhoud Content (of the accompanying email you want to send)
Which type of cost (rubriek)?2018-04-17T11:35:42+00:00
  • Huur = rent
    • This concerns the rent of your workspace, studio or workshop. This also includes storage. Depending on the agreements with your landlord, your rent is taxed or not. So check if your rent is exempt from VAT or that you can reclaim the 21% VAT. Do you use a workspace in your home? In that case, you are eligible for a deduction of costs in a very limited number of cases. In most cases you can not deduct the costs of the workspace. Test it yourself here: https://www.belastingdienst.nl/rekenhulpen/werkruimte/
  • Inrichting werkruimte = interior of workingspace
    • desks etc, you can only add furniture to your workspace as costs when you actually rent a workspace.
  • Kantoorbenodigdheden = Office supplies
    • Materials for your workplace: paper, pens, toilet paper etc.
  • Werkkleding = Workwear
    • Clothes that can only be used for work or that have a company logo of at least 70 cm2.
  • Openbaar vervoer = public transportation
    • By adding a monthly or quarter print of your mijnns.nl to the publications in your Bookie App, you have everything in one overview. Do not forget to cancel your personal travel expenses here.
  • Auto = Car
    • Means of transport: purchase of means of transport with a purchase price of more than € 450, – excl. VAT.
    • Insurance
    • Other car costs
    • Lease costs of the car of the company.
  • Werk door derden = Work by third parties
    • If you hire another self-employed person for an assignment or your company, the work falls under this heading.
  • Bijscholing = training / education
    • Courses, training courses, seminars and workshops. Costs for new knowledge (in another field) apply as private costs. These costs may be included in the income tax return as educational expenses.
  • Vakliteratuur = Professional literature
    • Books and online files that you need for the practice of your profession.
  • Mobiele telefoon = mobile Phone
    • Download your invoice and check that VAT is listed here. Add these in full to expenses. We apply the private correction.
  • Software = duh! 😉
    • these are for example programs such as Adobe, Final Cut etc. Please note that the VAT has often been shifted. You can indicate this in the expenses section (uitgave) under VAT reversal (btw verlegging)
  • Contributies en abonnementen = Fees and subscriptions
  • Bankkosten = bank costst
    • your bank also charges costs. You can find this on your printout of the quarter or year. There is also no VAT on these costs. *
  • Administratiekosten = administration costs
    • These include the costs with regard to The Bookie
  • Juridische kosten = legal costs
    • Costs you make for your company: advice, representation, drafting of contracts.
  • Verzekeringen algemeen = insurances
    • this includes your professional and business liability insurance. These costs are exempt from VAT. NB Insurance tax is also 21% but not deductible. *
  • Promotie = promotion costs
    • Facebook Ads, stickers, posters, Google Ads, a flashmob etc.
  • Websitekosten = website costs
    • These are your server costs and related expenses.
  • Website > €450 = website design
    • These are the costs you have for the design and construction of a website. In short, the development of your website with a purchase price greater than € 450, – excl. VAT.
  • Investeringen = investments
    • Company assets you need to be able to make your products or to provide your services. Buying company assets with a purchase price of more than € 450, – excl. VAT.
  • Diner- en verteerkosten = Dinner costs
    • If you ‘treat’ a client or (future) co-operation partner to breakfast, lunch or coffee, these costs count as business. However, we apply private corrections at the end of the year. That means that you enter the entire invoice amount. Please note that you NEVER apply the VAT (so put everything at 0%).
    • Drinking coffee on your own, while you are working with your laptop, are private costs. You may therefore discard these receipts!
  • Verzendkosten = Shipping costs
    • From stamps to the costs of sending a package. Shipping costs often have the same VAT as the product.
  • Kleine aanschaffingen = small purchases
    • Inventaris
  • Inkoop producten = purchasing products
    • Purchase of products intended for sale.
  • Overige inkoopkosten = Other purchasing costs
    • Other purchasing costs or direct costs. The moment you organize a course and rent a space once (not fixed rent, but related to a project).

* For recurring, fixed and / or monthly costs you generally do not always receive an invoice. That does not mean that you can not include them in the business costs. In The Bookie Webapp you note the costs, but you do not have to pay an invoice or receipt if you do not have one.

How do I upload receipts?2018-04-12T14:58:50+00:00

We have developed an app which enables you to upload a picture (taken of the receipt) directly into your administration: Bookie Bonnen.

With this app you add the pictures to your expenses in The Bookie Webapp





step -2. Download the app

step -1. Login with the same account and password as your Webapp.

step 0. Open Bookie Bonnen

step 1. Add a picture of your receipt with the + button

step 2. Select your receipt(s) and click the cloud to upload your picture to your Bookie Webapp

step 3. In the webapp you select Bookie Bonnen under Expenses (Uitgaven) and pick the picture you want to add. 



Download de app via