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Personal, fixed price and an effortless transfer!

  • No clue how to navigate the dutch tax system?
  • Finished with your expensive accountant?
  • An anonymous or just inaccessible accountant?
  • No insight into your financial situation?

It could be easier: claim your own Bookies and get your administration sorted in one place. In addition to two personal bookkeepers, you get a handy accounting program for free, which we set up for you!

Ready to make the switch or hear what we at The Bookie can do for you?

  • Committed Bookies, who think along

  • Digital ease & automation

  • Peace of mind & overview

  • Fixed prices

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Him about The Bookie

Review Imagine if someone takes all the stress away from dealing with your taxes but also keeps you firmly in the loop and updated.

You can stop imagining it with these absolute legends. It is a pleasure interacting with them and cannot fault a single thing. If you are looking… Definitely consider an appointment here.’


Us about The Bookie

Introduction In just 10 minutes we will show you how we work and together we will find the bookkeeping solution that works best for you and your sole proprietary, partnership or limited.

Personal, easy to understand and handy tips and tricks. Don’t think we’re a match? No problem, there are no obligations.

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… Actually take care of your entire bookkeeping for you? If you’re with The Bookie, we relieve you of all your worries with all the digital conveniences and know-how. Not only do we give you insight in your administration, but your accountants take care of everything. So you have everything done in one place: from online software to bookkeeper.

Using our online software you can send invoices and we can process your expenses through the app-link. This way we both have a constant overview.

Your accountants are there for you on an ongoing basis. From audits, corrections and feedback to applying tax breaks and filing all your returns.

We will remind you of deadlines and make sure you meet all your obligations. Every time the IRS needs something from you, we will sort it out.

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These entrepreneurs have gone before you since 2014

Whether you’re a UX designer, coach, dancer, contractor or something else.
Whether you call yourself a freelancer, sole proprietor or have a partnership or limited liability company.
We take care of your bookkeeping and are always very honest about the costs.

Great professional club.
Knowledgeable and fine personal touch.

Cor Brandwijk, Coach and trainer

Great service.
Nice prices!

Fleur van Bockel, Text and copywriter

Explaining complicated matters in such a way that even I understand it. Awesome system, always available and not expensive at all.

Yara Pikaar, Educator
  • Not 1, but 2 fixed accountants on your personal team

  • Bookkeepers, tax specialists and accountants in 1 team

  • Not a match? Possibility to cancel monthly (including acces to the app)

  • Different needs or legal form? Scalable!

  • Referred colleagues? Discounts for both parties!

What does it cost?

BASIC | With The Bookie you pay a fixed basic amount per fiscal year of €660 or €780 ex VAT. We make sure that everything is properly taken care of and that you pay as little tax as possible, while you are able to focus on your business

  • check your entire administration

  • fix mistakes and give you fitting advice

  • submit your VAT-returns and give you insight in decisions

  • draw up your company’s yearly figures

  • include your personal situation for your 2023 Income Tax Return, including all tax deductions

Plus | Would you like us to proces your expenses? Then, in addition to your basic subscription and depending on your needs, you only pay a little extra per expense. That way you have even less to worry about in your administration.

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Ready to hear more?

If you’ve read up to here, then you probably understand the process of becoming a client, which is, ‘Schedule an introduction.’ Then we will see what you need to start smoothly in 2023!

You might be thinking: this sounds awesome! Can I also become a customer and have you guys sort out 2022 for me? Well of course we can! In most cases we can transfer your administration free of charge.

Plan an introduction
  • Plan an introduction

  • Your Bookie signs you up with the tax authorities

  • Get started in our tool

  • We import your administration

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