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Before Gijs founded The Bookie he used to do the financial administration for festivals and a large number of freelancers in the cultural industry. Therefore it’s not surprising that a large part of creative Utrecht is working with The Bookie.

Gijs is not only a bookkeeper, but also a parachutist. He prefers to learn everything himself. But, given that learning skills in entrepreneurship also has its limits, he likes to help others who do what they like best and/or can do best. That is why he has developed The Bookie Web App together with a number of clever developers.

During lunch he rolls through the city at his inlines, he strums at the banjo or saves the savior of house dog Speck from the Oudegracht (see what happened).


Due to her study Fiscal Law and her experience in bookkeeping Josine was a huge fan of our web application The Bookie Webapp. This is how she liberated herself from the antipathy of the freelancers she worked with towards Excel and joined the world of innovation and efficiency.   

Besides her passion for accountancy and the Dutch Tax System, she loves music. That’s why she studied Bass at the Conservatory and releases herself from her daily frustrations by playing in the Dutch rockband The Limiters



As an entrepreneurship teacher for creatives, Mari rolled into the profession: not out of love for Excel sheets, numbers and figures, but out of frustration for the cumbersome and complexity of the material.

As a missionary for accounting for dummies she ended up at The Bookie. To facilitate starting entrepreneurs and to turn difficult language into clear to do’s.

From the perspective that collaboration can bring together knowledge, inspiration and money, her focus within The Bookie is on creating a network in which Bookies and Bookie Bazen support each other and collectively tackle challenges.



This Bookie was spoon fed with accounting. As his father works as a tax advisor for the performing arts, it is not surprising that Niek is also a bookkeeper, net to being a drummer in the sexiest band of the Netherlands (watch a video from The Rectum Raiders).

While it did not interest him in the past, it was precisely the accounting for his own band, which provided insight into the large amount of tax possibilities and ‘tricks’, as he likes to call them.

And just like Simon, Niek is also fond of playing with numbers.


A true fanatic, who loves to solve puzzles. The more complex, the better. Since his teens, he has been working in financial departments to now support the bookkeeping of various freelancers at The Bookie. Simon loves tax puzzles and always finds a solution.

During lunch or Bookie Drinks Simon introduces us to new board games.

Four days a week he can be found with us, the fifth day he makes both the Netherlands and Cameroon a bit nicer by volunteering at Stichting LiveBuild.